Shark attacks around the world

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Gender and their correlation with fatality

When it comes to shark attacks, 3543 men have been attacked without fatal outcomes, where 1293 men have experienced attacks that were fatal.

On the women's side, 475 have been attacked without fatal outcomes, while 124 women have experienced fatal attacks.

Activities and their correlation with fatality

This treemap visualization shows the 10 most popular activities to do when getting attacked by sharks. The larger the area, the more the activity happened, with swimming and surfing being the highest among them.

You can click on the different parts of the visualization, to see the amount of fatal vs non-fatal attacks that have occured when doing said activity. If you want to return to the overall data, you can double-click to zoom out again.

Hover over the activities in order to see which one it is

Discover the Top 5 Countries with the Highest Shark Attacks

This bar chart visualization highlights the 5 countries with the most shark attack incidents.

Together, the top 5 countries contribute significantly to global shark attack statistics. Notably, the United States takes the lead with a substantial number, emphasizing its prominent role in shark incident numbers. The top three countries — USA, Australia, and South Africa — stand out collectively, accounting for the majority of reported shark attacks worldwide. This highlights the unique coastal dynamics and marine environments in these regions that attract both sharks and human activities.

You can hover over the bars to unveil the precise number of attacks in that country, accompanied by fascinating shark-related fun facts unique to each location.

Which shark are you?

Click the image below to take this fun interactive quiz to discover which shark matches your personality!

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